Monday, September 20, 2010


The Attacks Begin or Bozo Appears at Town Hall

Democrats plan to attack the Tea Party as part of their election strategy, as opposed to actually do something constructive. Today President Bozo Obama fired his first premature shot.
President Obama said today that members of the Tea Party movement are "misidentifying... who the culprits are" in blaming Democrats for the nation's deficits and debt.

The president did offer some words of encouragement for the largely conservative movement, saying it fits in America's "noble tradition of being healthily skeptical about government...[and] saying that government should pay its way."

But he stressed that the administration of George W. Bush that left him with massive deficits in part by spending on two wars without paying for them while at the same time lowering taxes.
OK, President Bozo, how about not give $100 million dollars to the brother of Democratic Congressman Russ Carnahan.

Oh, and I love how you once again blamed Bush for your failure. Apparently, Bush is still the most powerful man in the world although you're president. He's been able to cause the Democrats to fail long after being out of office. Even after they've controlled Congress for 4 years. You're the world's biggest wimp compared to this powerful man.

Every time you open your mouth you reinforce your incompetence.

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