Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Arresting Mountain Top Removal Protesters at the White House

They told me if I voted for John McCain, (phrase stolen from Instapundit) people would be arrested for peacefully protesting in front of the White House.
About 100 people were arrested Monday outside the White House while protesting mountaintop removal mining, temporarily trading their freedom for a chance to highlight what they consider an environmental calamity.

The protesters, arrested after refusing orders from U.S. Park Police to leave the sidewalk on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House, were taken to a waiting city bus. As police escorted them one-by-one, hundreds of their supporters screamed encouragement from behind the police lines, like fans greeting runners from the sidewalk of a marathon. Most of those arrested went along peacefully, but a few resisted, leading Park Police to drag them to a police truck.
Among those arrested was climate scientist James Hansen, who issued a statement saying that mountaintop removal "destroys historic mountain ranges, poisons water supplies and pollutes the air with coal and rock dust."
Apparently, also those arrested include the older brother of a friend of my 14 year old daughter. Her friend lives in Morehead, KY and is the person who took the picture of the man at the drive-thru window in my previous post. (He's one of my "friends" on Facebook, although I've never met him. He seems like a hilarious kid, always making funny comments.)

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