Sunday, August 15, 2010


Police or Gestapo?

Maryland seems to think police have a right to privacy while arresting someone in public, ( and maybe beating them, shooting them or knows what.)

Here's a couple of videos of one of the cases of a person being charged with the crime of videotaping police.

What do we have here in the U.S., police or Gestapo? Ask Rodney King about the value and need of videoing police.

In related news, please see also: Kathryn Johnson of Atlanta and yet another civil rights investigation of the NOPD.

Notice the implication with the cameras as evidence involving the latter.
I remember both those cases. Interesting to see what's become of them. Too many cops think they are the law rather than protectors of citizens and enforcers of the law.
DADvocate, first, thanks for dropping by and second, keep these guys out in front of the populace; cockroaches can't stand the light of day.
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