Wednesday, August 04, 2010


How hot is it? This HOT!!

107.1 F on my rear deck. It is south facing, but the thermometer is in the shade. The thermometer in mounted about 3 feet below the roof, which I suspect increases the temperature reading. But, by any measure, it is HOT!! A record for the 6.5 years I've lived here.

Note that it is over 85 F indoors and the AC is running non-stop.

Even Hotter!!

At 3:33 PM, the temperature reached a new high, 107.8 F. Some people say 333 is half bad. It sure is all the way hot.

The heat stretches for hundreds of miles. The outside thermometer on my moving vehicle declared 111 degrees F on Monday at 5pm.
I bet. You're way down South.

I love my thermometer that lets me stay inside to see the temp, especially in the winter when it's zero.
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