Thursday, August 12, 2010


Chaos Breaks Out As Thousands Line Up for Government Housing Application

Another pitiful example of how our government can't handle simple tasks. A near riot. I'm sure the "Summer of Recovery" didn't help matters. Remember, these are the people who want to hold your life in their hands via government controlled health care.

Reminds me of some other scenes not too long ago. Any time you get crowds together in the 90+ degree heat, you're going to have pushing, shoving and folks taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion.

Remember that this is specifically the government of East Point, Georgia. And this is the first time they opened up Section 8 applications since 2002.

Those are two farily salient reminders that people ought to concern themsleves with local government issues at least part of the time. I guarantee 30,000 votes in East Point would change any election held in that area.
Oh, yeah, 30,000 votes almost anywhere could swing an election.

Yes, it was East Point but this sort of thing goes on regularly all over the country at every level of government. It happens about something on a smaller scale in Cincinnati every couple of years.

I bet it was damn hot too.
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