Saturday, July 31, 2010


My Prediction on Obama Came True

Searching through some old posts on George W. Bush, I came across this post from February 19, 2009 on Obama's popularity and his economic policy. It was a short post that, in its entirety said:

How Long Till Obama's Popularity Plummets?

Obama's approval ratings are still good but falling. Reading the comments to this post by Katie Allison Granju, I wonder how long it will take before Obama is in George W. Bush land.

I didn't see a single comment supportive of Obama and his economic policy. Granju is a liberal blogger at a major newspaper. You'd think some sympathetic liberal would have said something. But, nothing yet. Not a good sign for Barack.
Obama's popularity has plummeted and his economic policies brought on this plummet.

Did I call it, or what? (I'm sure his polls will look better after having appeared on The View though.)

You did call it.

But the only polls that matter are the ones on election day. I hate polls.
Amen. The other unfortunate thing about polls is that they have an influence on what they're measuring, a jump on the band wagon effect.
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