Sunday, July 25, 2010


Jesse Jackson Invoke Dred Scot Over LeBron James

Jesse Jackson goes on a race-baiting rant over the way Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert handled LeBron James leaving for Miami. Obviously, Gilbert handled the situation poorly but Jackson goes way over the top including comparing the situation to the Dred Scott decision and claiming Gilbert views James as a "runaway slave."

You can see some of Jackson's rantings at the 6:40 minute point in this video.

Get beyond race? How can we get beyond race when that's all Jackson and the other race baiters see? The Tea Party (Taxed Enough Already) formed to protest raising taxed and increasing debt. But, the NAACP claims the Tea Party is racist because they oppose some of a black president's policies. The NAACP, Jackson and their ilk want everyone to say "How High?" when they say jump. Any self-respecting person won't cooperate with this.

BTW - Is Jackson getting senile or something? Or, was he always this way? Nothing he says has a rational basis.

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