Friday, July 23, 2010


Can the Race Baiters Learn to Live in the Present?

Sitting at home by myself about a month ago, I came to a slight realization. My son was out on a date with a black girl. At least she's as black as Obama, white mother and black father. (Unless you want to go down the road of how black the father is, but the girl is as dark skinned or darker than Obama.) My daughter's boyfriend was half Filipino.

My kids appear to have learned from the example I've tried to set, judge people by their qualities, honesty, compassion, generosity, and such. In a way, my work was done. The openness to others of other races is by no means unique to my children. Most of their friends are equally willing to date kids of other races. Virtually every activity is multi-racial, not by design, but because they are friends. My son is a a birthday party for a black friend as I write this post.

Yet, many liberals and blacks keep playing the race card and harping on the past. History is important as it helps guide us into the future, but basing claims of racism on events that happened 40 years ago or more is folly. I only caught the last minute of the clip below on MSNBC. Clarence Page claims Tea Partiers are afraid of change because they're old like him.

I'm a Tea Partier and in the old 55 and over age range Page mentions. I'm not afraid of change. I've worked for change all my life. I'm afraid of a totalitarian government that wants to control every aspect of my life and take away my choices. Race have nothing to do with it.

Page and the others are stuck in the past. They can't get past their own prejudices and view the world through tinted glasses. Maybe the photo will help. I took it right after the two ladies finished hugging the two very black policemen at a Tea Party rally. The police had a very good time at the rally. No problems, every one thanked them for their presence and efforts and lots of hugs from old ladies.

Liberals love to describe conservatives as reactionaries living in the past. But, listen to the words of the libs. They're stuck in the past and deny the present. Mostly because they have nothing to offer for the future.

We have always raised our kids to look at people for who they are, not what they look like. They've had friends from all over and of every shade. Years ago they were stunned to find out two of their friends had been adopted. The kids are black; the parents are white. It didn't occur to my kids that the white parents could not have given birth to the black kids.

But that was when we lived on the west coast. Here in the Philadelphia area the division is much more apparent. It's too bad.

I get so sick of hearing that "we need to have a conversation about race." Sheesh, the conversation has gone on long enough and gotten nowhere. How about we just stop now?
We need to stop the conversation that we're having. The conversation is creating roadblocks and division. It's at the point of being like my demanding, because of my partially Irish descent, for a conversation with the British because of the Irish potato famine.

The only reason race is brought up is for political gain and they're hurting the cause. Blacks are being held down more by paternalistic liberal policies than anything else.

Hilarious story about the adopted kids. You need to blog about that if you haven't already.
Yes siree, Mr. DADvocate, "the conversation" is indeed creating roadblocks and division.

I started out in life as innocent as Marbel's kids. After decades of accusations, scolding, pity-party throwing, race-baiting, and race card playing disguised as "conversation" from too many people of swarthiness, my expectations have changed. I now know that "conversation" is the last thing most of them want. Rather, what's called "the conversation" (or merely the claimed desire for same) is a ploy used by someone who intends to manipulate and cheat someone else through undeserved guilt or who is just too lazy to be honest.
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