Saturday, June 12, 2010


Knotty Boy

Instapundit posted a link to an article regarding tying shoelaces. Recently, in the May issue of Boy's Life magazine, the official magazine for Boy Scouts, I came across Ian Fieggen who is an expert in tying shoelaces.

I've always held an interest in knots. When camping it is an easy way to impress friends by using knots especially designed for the needed purpose. The correct knot usually unties easier than an improvised bundle of twisted twine or rope. For starters, learn the square knot, half hitch, double half hitch, clove hitch, sheetbend, bowline, tautline and slip knot. If you frequently tie down loads, learn the trucker's hitch. You'll love it and knots with rope are more reliable than elastic cords.

Ian's Shoelace Site offers more information on tying shoelaces than you knew existed. My favorite is Ian's Knot which is the fastest shoelace knot to tie and holds well. Or, you can do how I did just last night and buy a L.L. Bean Comfort Mocs and forget about tying laces.

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