Saturday, April 03, 2010


Another Proud Day

Usually I talk about my two youngest kids the most as they are the two still living at home, but today I'll give my oldest son a shout out. The Cincinnati Business Courier featured him and his roommate in an article about the valet parking business they started. My son is owner of the company, Blue Chip Parking.

About a year and a half ago, he took a job as a valet for another company. After a while, he realized that the demand for good valet parking services was greater than the supply and decided to form his own company. His company has provided valet services for several special events including at the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Cincinnati Bengals Christmas party. They also have a contract with a local country club. All this while he's attending college studying business.

Good job, buddy.

P.S. When my son was an infant, I read an article in a parenting magazine (can't remember which one) that claimed children whose parents stressed hard work were more successful than children whose parents praised them for their talents or intelligence. The reason for this difference seemed to be that one could always work a little harder but that talent and intelligence were limited. If someone was smarter than you, they were smarter than you. But, if someone worked harder than you, you could increase your effort and work harder than them.

This made perfect sense to me and I always stressed to my kids the importance of working hard. My youngest son has a body made for football, but I told him that their were plenty of guys out there who had good bodies. Hard work would raise him above the others, and it has. Their mother, having grown up on a real farm (not one of those pleasure farms), gives the same advice, hard work makes the difference. My other children have responded similarly to this type of advice/guidance. Maybe I did at least one thing right.

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