Thursday, March 18, 2010


Obama a Math Idiot?

Scanning through some of the blogs linked from my blog, I found this at Right on the Left Coast.

Listen until near the end Obama claims that there will be a 3000% decrease in health care premiums for employers. Quoting Darren, who is a math teacher, at ROTLC:
If you get a 50% decrease, that means premiums fall by half. If you get a 100% decrease in premiums, that means you'd be getting your insurance for free! So what does it mean to get a 3000% decrease? It means your insurance company is going to give your employer the insurance policy plus 29 times the premiums in cash!!!

Does this man really believe this? Do the sycophants he's talking to really believe this? Is he a liar? Does the audience care so much about putting their laws on my body (hehe) that they don't even care what he says to make it happen?
One of my pet peeves is people who think doubling something is a 200% increase, or tripling is a 300% increase. (Hint: doubling is a 100% increase.) Yet, here we have a man who claims he's going to control our budget, cut deficits, etc who doesn't know a basic principle of elementary school math.

God help us all.

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