Monday, March 29, 2010


Lame Stream Media Continues to Promote Lies

CNN, in Monday's intriguing people, begins Rep. Steve Driehaus: The Ohio Democrat says that the protests outside his Cincinnati home have become "threatening" and "personal."

How many people participated in this "threatening" protest? (I use the singular as I can't find evidence of more than one protest outside Driehaus' house.)

Three. Three rather harmless looking middle age adults (one a minority). Maybe that's how Obama got Driehas to vote for the health care bill, by threatening to bus in protesters in front of his house.

CNN also fails to mention that the Tea Party, along with others, denounced the protests in front of Driehous' house. I denounce it too. Leave the kids out of it, even though Obama's leftists friends bomb their houses.

The Washington Post tries over blow the incident also.
Outside his Cincinnati home, a few angry protesters wouldn't allow him a full escape from the raw and vitriolic discussions that have embroiled the health-care debate for more than a year. They showed up to decry the freshman congressman's vote for the overhaul, standing in the chilling rain most of the afternoon Sunday holding signs that read: "Driehaus Voted to Destroy Our Children's Future" and "Remember in November."
WaPo later admits that the group never exceeded three. The Dems and WaPo manage to get in one of their racist rants.
The west Cincinnati neighborhood is predominantly Republican, and Driehaus did not win his precinct when elected two years ago, said his brother-in-law Zeek Childers, who lives a half-mile down the road. Strong support from the more urban part of the congressional district gave him the edge. "It's bad down here," Childers said. "This area of Steve's district is much more conservative. The black community loves him. Labor loves him. The old white guys hate him. You got that out here."
Just remember, if you're an "old white guy," you don't count in the eyes of Democrats. They disregard you because of your skin color, even when they're whitest guy in the county.

In the next to the last paragraph, WaPo admits the Tea Party denounced the demonstration.
Organizers of the local "tea party" movement agreed and steered its members away from the Sunday protest. "It is completely inappropriate to be at someone's home," said Justin Binik-Thomas, 27, a budget analyst who helped found the local group. "I don't have a beef with him and his family. This is not the movement."
While I denounce the huge 3 person protest (two men, one woman), I ask do we need such a wuss representing us in Congress? He caved to Obama like a house of cards. Someone should write a book about guys like this. "Profiles in Cowardice" would make a good title.

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