Thursday, February 11, 2010


Birds in the Snow

A couple of weeks ago I finally put up a bird feeder I received as a present. Placing it outside my kitchen window so I could easily see it, I've been surprised how much I enjoy watching the birds eat and fly back and forth. Numerous cardinals and a couple of woodpeckers add color to the mix. I video taped about 3 hours worth which I've condensed into a few minutes for your enjoyment. (Please ignore the occasional background noise.)

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Looks like a northern flicker. Related. My favorites were the titmice and chickadees. The chicks figured out how to get inside the feeder so they wouldn't be bothered by the others.
Sorry, didn't see the (what looks like) checkered pecker the first viewing. You have a nice healthy woods there.
I figure the small birds were titmice and chickadees but hadn't bothered to pull out my bird book. The feeder is designed to discourage larger birds. The woodpeckers with their long beaks plus using an awkward stance were able to get food. A few larger birds tried and gave up.

I enjoy living out in the country, wish I was a in a slightly more remote location. I love looking out my window and seeing trees, birds, squirrels and the occasional deer.
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