Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Miracle in Massachusetts: Brown Wins

Watching the election results tonight with one eye open and the other closed like I did as a kid looking for the boogeyman, I saw the news I wanted but feared would never happen in my life time - a non-Democrat wins "Teddy Kennedy's seat" in the U.S. Senate. Now, we can hope for a slow down of the runaway train wreck that is the Democratic controlled federal government.

We'll see what happens next. I just saw Juan Williams on FoxNews saying that he thinks Obama will continue of his chosen path believing he will win the hearts of the American people when they suddenly realize the benefits of the programs he (Obama) hopes to ram down their throats. Probably not the kind of hope Obama supporters had hoped for.

Oh? Did something change? Did something unexpected happen?

A charismatic candidate defeated My Pet Rock for a Senate seat. Color me mildly amused. Charisma defeats stuffiness (please see also: 2008 Presidential Election) almost every time.

How fast does Brown go from conservative hero to right-wing target for being too liberal?

If Obama continues to let Pelosi and Reid define the party and the reforms, he will become Carter II.

If he gets in the game, and reminds the country why people like me elected him in the first place, he can salvage a whole lot.

The "health care reform" bill is (still) dead - just like it was seven months ago.
Did something unexpected happen?

Maybe not for you but for a lot of other people. When Kennedy died, I wrote off that seat to another Democrat. It wasn't until the last 2-3 weeks did I think Brown actually had a chance.

I worry about the hard right-wingers targeting Brown somewhere down the road. I want a fiscal conservative, in other areas it not such a big deal. Stop over spending before lowering taxes.

Your comment about Reid and Pelosi hits home. After a year in office, I'm still not sure where Obama stands on a lot of stuff because he's been following Reid and Pelosi instead of leading. I wonder what his capabilities actually are. So far, he's still an empty suit.
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