Friday, January 08, 2010


Bloated Sense of Entitlement

A piece at the XX factor concludes...
The calculus of long-term commitment is just different when your country guarantees the basic necessities of an advanced civilization. When your government provides you, as they do in Canada and in Europe, with health care that is unlinked to a job or "productivity," subsidized prescription drugs, child care, free education through graduate school, and, finally, old-age pensions with visiting nurses if you need them to retain your health and a modicum of dignity.
This is an essay on why government should provide all the services listed "free" of charge so women can more easily find a mate and have a family.

The writer, a Canadian, complains that the U.S. doesn't provide all this like Canada does for her and France does for her French friend. Without intent she more aptly exposes her own conceit and sense of entitlement.
I'm always baffled that women here don't demand the same benefits on which we Canadian and European women rely. It would make dating and mating a lot easier, that's for certain.
Now, we should be able to secure decent futures for ourselves, with or without male partners: We have Ivy League degrees, speak multiple languages, are savvy and entrepreneurial.
Commenters attempt to enlighten the writer.
The issue isn't whether or not we can keep up with the relationship while it is good; the issue is whether or not we are going to end up penniless, with children we aren't allowed to see, or even in jail on trumped up DV or molestation charges.
Um, no, you're not. In fact, you don't even know what the word "entrepreneurial" means.

Entrepreneurs don't spend their lives glorying about sucking at the government tit. They take risks, they take chances, and the win or lose based on the results of their efforts.
As a Canadian living in Canada, I can certainly understand Americans feeling irritation at a foreigner criticizing the US, all the while living and working in NYC. I would like to add that avoiding contribution to the Canadian tax base during your prime earning years, while planning on scuttling back to Canada when things get tough in the US, is pretty disgusting.
many married women can support themselves (and do) as well as their husbands can, thank you very much. this article was condescending and obnoxious.
ms canada and ms frenchy friend really do want a man to take care of them...or rather they want every other man and woman in their country to take care of them.
Articles like this are so pointless, but what really drives me nuts is the attitude that somehow foreign is better. Ridiculous!
Women seem to have as much negative reaction to the article as men. (Thank goodness!) But, I'm still disturbed that two multi-lingual, Ivy leaguers are so shallow and believe the sun rises and sets in their armpits. For them, being female means life should provide a free cafeteria line of whatever life choices they wish.

believe the sun rises and sets in their armpits

LOL. But - sure they do; they were probably raised to believe that. It's important for their self-esteem.

People should stop saying this stuff is free. There is no "free healthcare," "free childcare," free anything that comes from the government. In my house we say "taxpayer-funded."
There's a truism that the government can't give you anything without taking something else away. At the least they usually take money. All too often, the government takes away freedom and individual rights too. Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.
Some societies have decided that health care will be an infrastructure issue while others see it as a business issue. The different setups do have an affect on culture, but culture also has an affect on the setup (chicken vs. egg).

An analogy: When I first moved to New Orleans, locals thought I was being condescending when I compared the terrible roads here to roads in Georgia, which are so good they spend their time talking about how adding bike-paths to streets can make their lives easier.

Does Georgia spend more on roads than New Orleans? Hell yes, they do. But that's a cultural priority for residents of the Empire.
so, on the upside, I would never make enough money to even be on a woman like that's radar. You can bet well that the first guy she marries will feel the full extent of foolish when she takes all she can and leaves.
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