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The Kids

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Blogging less comes from focusing on my kids. Sometimes blogging hardly seems worth it. Close to an exercise in futility, like spitting in the wind.

Blogging and reading blogs reminds me of my early experiences in college. When I entered college, I assumed college students were, as a group, honest, intelligent, caring people focused on becoming better educated and improving the world. Such naivety was short lived.

I see much the same in bloggers as I found in college students and others almost everywhere. While there are at least a few honest, concerned bloggers, there are plenty that cling to their prejudices, spread their hate and communicate through insults and incivility. In the mean time, I raise my children to practice the virtues of fairness, reason, compassion, hard work and excellence.

My youngest son is standing in the middle. The oldest, on the left, is 6' 1" and 200 lbs. It's easy to see why the younger son excels on the football field. My daughter loves basketball. Naturally all are exceedingly intelligent. :-)

I'm thinking about getting my sons in touch with their inner femininity and my daughter in touch with her inner masculinity. Hah!

Heh, it's all just points of view, Dadv... just like the world. I stop going places where my POV doesn't even get a reasoned argument, because they are beyond convincing. OTOH, when you put yourself out there, you are just you... that's why I read your stuff. As a similar but shade younger Dadv, we sometimes see the same things. Sometimes not, but this is your place, so that's what I came for.

You have good kids ;).

As for that link... I read some, and more later, but people have a hard time reconciling the large general with the small singular. I'm a guy, and I do guy stuff. I DON"T expect a woman to know what is going on with me, nor I with her. All I want is for somebody to try. That is where the reconciliation of general with singular gets a bad deal. Speaking of general masculinity as toxic, when you are actually talking of individual decisions, gets you sideways. JUST LIKE speaking of feminity in the same ways does.
That's all. It's remarkable how many women think masculine is bad, but if they need a hero, they need him NOW! If he listened to them, would he bother?

Human beings. Crazy as loons, but well worth the sacrifice. Even those who hate themselves. IMHO that is what that toxic talk is about.
Thanks for visiting. I enjoy reading your occasional comments. I enjoy listening to other people's point of view. I just don't like it when they try to force me to conform to their pov.

Human beings. Crazy as loons, but well worth the sacrifice.

Good on ya. You got kids in the house, and I'd reckon everyone who has kids in the house (or knows anyone with kids in the house) knows that writing will feel like more of a chore. And from what you've written, your kids seem like a blast to be around, which means writing can be even less fun.

As for the usefulness of blogging, think about this: if there weren't a NOLA blogosphere, all anyone in this country would believe is what they saw on the news, and (at least) 75% of what they saw on the news was erroneous information.
Good point about NOLA. I've read much of your NOLA stuff and some of the stuff at links you provide. It's been great to have that insight.
I go through times of disaffection with blogging, too, tired of being yelled at, so to speak, and often unwilling to avoid subjects that bring argument heaping onto my head. I do hope you won't stop altogether, though, because I'd miss you a lot.

Best to you--
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