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Health Care Reform and the Perpetual Vicitms

The other day I received an email from one of my Senators, Sherrod Brown. You may remember him as the senator who claims diabetes makes you more compassionate and fair. The subject line of the email reads, "Health Reform: Ends Industry Discrimination Against Women, Protects Ohio’s Seniors."

I have my doubts about it protecting seniors but now the discrimination against women part is my focus. First, I wonder if women ever tire of being the perpetual victims. Do women ever tire of being portrayed as helpless and impotent, as needing the constant assistance of men and government to be able to survive day to day life? Apparently not as one of the actions of feminism has been to perpetrate this image and insist on special government programs and laws to benefit the powerless, downtrodden female.

Secondly, how much discrimination do women face from the health care industry? To answer this question, I've explored the services available at hospitals in the greater Cincinnati area.

On the home page of the University Hospital of Cincinnati you'll find links for Women's Community Health Centers and Women's Services plus a Lactation Internship Program(??).

At Christ Hospital, where my two youngest children were born, you can click on the "Departments" menu, go down to "Women's Services" and find: Birthing Center, Breast Health, General Health Information for Women, Prenatal Clinic, Reproductive Services, Women's Health Today Magazine and Women's Surgery Center. Bethesda North and Good Samaritan Hospitals have women's programs that include Maternity Services, Breast Care, Specialized Gynecology Care, Fitness, Programs and Classes and TriHealth Nurse Midwives. The Mercy Hospitals conduct a The Spirit of Women program.

Across the Ohio River in northern Kentucky, St. Luke's Hospital's services include Birthing Center, Breast Health Center, Nurse Midwives, Perinatal Centers, Physicians for Women and Women's Heart Health. St. Elizabeth's in northern Kentucky provides a Women's Wellness program. (St. Elizabeth's and St. Luke's are affiliated at some level.)

Deaconess Hospital has no obvious special programs for women or men. Jewish Hospital links to a Breast Center.

This is not to say that any of these programs are not legitimate but none of these hospitals has any apparent similar programs for men. No prostate cancer centers or programs, no men's health centers, etc. If the result of discrimination against women is having the health care industry catering to your every need, we need more of this, not less.

Of course, Sherrod Brown is another mindless liberal parroting the same drivel liberals have repeated since the mid-Sixties. The real issue is that the liberals want to control ever more of our society in every way they can. Freedom means that people, and organizations, can act in ways that liberals don't approve and we can't have that. And, do women ever get tired of being treated as helpless little things that can't possibly make it on their own. The chauvinists of decades ago held women in higher regard than today's liberals.

Other health care related items courtesy Instapundit:

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"Buried in Nancy Pelosi’s health-care bill is a provision that will partially repeal tax indexing for inflation, meaning that as their earnings rise over a lifetime these youngsters can look forward to paying higher rates even if their income gains aren’t real."

Buy a policy or go to jail.

Can't remember where I found this one: CBO: Republican health plan would reduce premiums, cut deficit

First, I wonder if women ever tire of being the perpetual victims.

Yes. At least some of us.

I have never had trouble getting the health care I need, despite being female. Sometimes I have been offered way more than I need, because I am female.

And I wonder if men ever get questions like "are you being hurt by anyone at home?"
Nobody ever asked me that. I've never had trouble getting the health care I need either. Seems to me that health care is abundantly available to anyone needing it.
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