Monday, October 12, 2009


Is Health Care A Right?

Reading this post, Health care–right or privilege?, I had a thought. (Horrors!) One of the arguments for health care reform and single payer health care is that health care is a right.

My question is: If health care is a right, does this mean that taxpayers are obligated to pay for health care for everyone? I can think of no other right that works this way. In the criminal court system, if you can't afford an attorney for your defense, the state provides you one. If you've got the money, you pay. (And, the cut off is pretty low.)In the civil court system, you're screwed.

We have a right to bear arms. Does the government pay for your gun should you decide you want one? Of course not. Indeed, if you want to conceal carry, you end up paying the government. Sounds a lot like the old poll tax where you had to pay to exercise your right to vote.

Does the government give you money to practice freedom of religion by building a church, synagogue, mosque or pentagram? Does the government give you pen, pencil, paper, computer, Internet access, or whatever so you can practice your freedom of speech and of the press?

How do you go from health care is a right to we must pay for every one's health care? When are you going to buy me a Colt Automatic Pistol, Caliber .45, M1911?

Your reasoning is impeccable. Therefor, the left and the Obamacons won't understand it.
Of course not.
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