Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Killing Honor Students and the Elephant in the Room

Yesterday Ann Althouse posted on Derrion Albert being beaten to death in Chicago on Sept 24. Althouse links to this post at "The Root" by Jozen Cummings. Cummings discusses watching the video of the fatal beating on and notes:
Now, in 2009, many of us need to see the video of 16-year-old Derrion Albert being beat to death at least once to understand it’s no longer just the police and white people of whom we need to be afraid. It’s also each other.
From the post, I assume Cummings is black. I haven't watched the video and don't plan to. I won't link to the video either, although Cummings does.

Eleven days before the beating death of Albert, 15 year old honor student, Amber Robinson, was fatally stabbed in West Chester, OH, a suburb of Cincinnati, trying to stop an attack on her boyfriend. This incident lead to more violence at her school which included a student's jaw being broken.

The elephant in the room is black on black violence. Frequently, simply broaching the subject makes one the target for charges of racism. Yet, hundreds of liberals, maybe thousands, will travel to Jenna, LA to protect black juveniles who nearly beat a white student to death from racist prosecution. Of course, as I've argued many times, the left doesn't want minorities to be truly free and equal. The left want minorities to believe they are the victims of racism and other social evils and must depend on the liberals for relief.

How bad is black on black violence? In 2008 3,024 blacks were murdered, 2,722 by other blacks. (230 were murdered by whites.) The KKK never approached these numbers. Compared to whites, who make up a much larger proportion of the population, 3,643 were murdered, 3,036 by whites and 504 by blacks. Yes, blacks killed over twice as many whites as whites killed blacks.

Anyone whose been more than slightly aware of the news and social issues the past few decades, or less, knows that much of the black culture has violent undertones. Plexico Burress, wide receiver for the NY Giants, is in prison for carrying a gun with which he accidentally shot himself. In 2002, NBA player Jayson Williams shot and killed his chauffeur in his house. The violence of the rap/hip-hop music world would require an encyclopedia.

Yet, none of this receives the attention that supposed racial incidents that offend the sensibilities of liberals. Bill Maher attacks Drudge because Drudge uses the headline "POLL HELL: OBAMA NEGS RISE." As we all readily see, if you change the "E" in "NEGS" to an "I" and insert "GER" before the "S," you have a racial slur. Yes, you can stretch the racism meme that far, or farther.

Some think using the astronomical term "black hole" is racist. Others think the word "denigrate" is racist. "They have raised us to be ashamed of our blackness. It's in the language too. Take the word denigrate - denigrar - which is to be less than a negro." Some also think using the word "niggardly" or reading a book on how Notre Dame defeated the KKK are racist.

Yet, while blacks kill each other high rates including their best and brightest, much effort and attention focuses on trivial, misunderstood or distorted words and harmless actions. But, this keeps the black man down and on the left's plantation. Just where they want them.

I think you are so right.
The elephant in the room is black on black violence

You ain't kiddin'.

You'll see a lot of folks get active when it comes to white on black crime because they find it easier to understand.

The problems in the inner cities (and very rural areas) are much more difficult to address. And, as far as the left is concerned, they don't focus on those areas much not because they want to keep folks "on the plantation" as much as they don't want to admit they haven't been running social welfare programs very well. We're not very introspective as a society, and the left is no exception.

And the reason we don't hear much about it overall (because let's face it, this has been a national issue for a long, long, long time now) is because folks of all political stripes don't have much interest in actually addressing this problem.

Lastly, with 90% of our politics and media focused on what goes on in Washington, a lot of people forget that they can have 90% greater effect locally.
"as they don't want to admit they haven't been running social welfare programs very well." Cous'Pat

this one wins! Shyeah, if the programs would be working, er they'd work. No, we need to give more time for social programs to work, because 40 years isn't nearly long enough. :massive eyeroll:

Thing is, only community leaders from these communities can take care of this. But, they are too busy feeding at the power feed trough. If they helped everyone out, they'd lose their meal ticket.
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