Monday, August 24, 2009


Where We Were

People of small minds and little understanding or observational skills pose the question about the tea partiers and town hall protesters, "Where were they when Bush was president?" Over the past couple of weeks, it struck me where I, and many others like me, were. Attending to our families, working to earn money to provide for our kids, doing what people with real lives do rather than spend time and energy trying to tell others how to lead their live and promote the use of the force of the government to do so.

Looking at my co-workers in my department at work I see these people. My boss, in addition to full-time job keeping me in line, works part-time for a funeral home picking up bodies and delivering them to the funeral home plus farms on the side so that his kids have a full-time mother plus a comfortable middle class lifestyle.

Another co-worker scrimps and saves in order to pay his son's college tuition. This after paying for him to attend a top-notch Catholic high school. He also puts in hard hours around the house as his wife suffers serious back problems and is often wheelchair bound.

Another just graduated a son from college and helped in move to another city for his first job. This past weekend, he helped his next son move into his college dorm as an incoming freshman.

We coach our kids sport's teams. Help with Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, PTO, FCCLA, church activities and more. My schedule this past weekend was thus: Friday - buy a video camera so I can record my son's football games and my daughter's basketball games. I will send copies to my 84 year old mother to watch plus some of my son's to college football coaches to help him get a scholarship. Friday night I watched/recorded his game. My ex went to my daughter's basketball game in a city 50 miles away.

Saturday - I went to two of my daughter's games in the same city 50 miles away.

Sunday - My son and his band played at a church in the late afternoon as part of a teen activity.

Including all the organizing and other support activities, my days were full. And, my life is easy compared to many I know.

Talking with others at the two tea parties I attended, I strongly feel that most of them are like myself and my co-workers. The kind of hard-working, self-supporting that everyone pretends to believe in and support.

But what happens when the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back falls? What when these everyday, everyman, salt of the Earth Americans raise their voices in protest?

Politicians denigrate them. MSM pundits mock and dismiss them. Lefties sneer and call them names. The royalty can't tolerate the serfs believing they should have control over their own live.

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