Monday, August 31, 2009


Victory Brings No. 1 Ranking

Coming off a 35-14 victory last Friday night, my son's football team reaped the reward of being the top ranked 3A team in the state of Kentucky. No matter how the season ends, I can't fully express my pride in my son and his teammates.

Alex, my son, began playing Knights football (Maysville's version of little league football) in the 4th grade. This is the 8th season I've watched many of these guys play. Sometimes together, sometimes against each other. The most fascinating aspect has been watching them develop as a team. The players support each other, encourage each other and inspire each other. They're willing to work hard, practice hard and play hard because they know they're teammates are doing the same.

I was asked to include a video of my son blocking. Below is a video in which both tackles line up on the left side of the line. My son is number 79 and one of his best friends is the other tackle to his left, number 51. Combined they make up over 500 pounds of linemen. This is a simple power play where the two tackles bulldoze the defensive line. A pretty good display of power.

There is still a long season ahead but they've already reached a level few can ever attest to. Congratulations to the Mason County Royals football team!

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