Monday, August 24, 2009


More Proof Obama's Think They're Royalty

Michelle Obama takes the girls out for burgers and other patron's have their cell phones confiscated.
MICHELLE Obama, like her husband, enjoys a good burger, but not as well done. The first lady brought daughters Malia and Sasha to former "Top Chef" contestant Spike Mendelsohn's Good Stuff Eatery in DC for cheeseburgers, onion rings, fries, and milkshakes. "They got the burgers medium," says a spy. (President Obama was mildly ridiculed after ordering a burger medium-well in January.) "Three starving Secret Service guys were literally standing over the grill as Spike made the burgers, but didn't eat," our source adds. Fellow patrons had their cellphones temporarily confiscated to prevent pictures from being taken.
I though this was a free country where unreasonable search and seizure is forbidden. Apparently Queen Michelle didn't want any pictures taken while they were eating. Welcome to our new post-egalitarian society. The ruling class can confiscate your personal property at their whim.

This action probably has no legal foundation according to nationally respected law professor. He links to a photographer's rights flyer.

If this is true or not, it has more to do with Secret Service policy than the people they are protecting.

For years, I have related the story of how I was detained 3 times by authorities in Glynn County during the G8 back in 2004.

The worst I got was getting surrounded by five law enforcement vehicles (north, south, east, west & primary) followed by a high volume lecture including plenty of expletives, threats of arrest and accusations of unwittingly assisting terrorists.

I laugh this off as being the result of my wearing a red bandana on a hot day. My real crime, and what the pleasant official repeated again and again, was setting up my camera to take pictures. (At least security you bring up extended only to the hamburger joint. I was on a completely different island several miles away.)

While I would never say you were a "Johnny Come Lately" to the Tea Party line of thought, there are plenty of folks who dismissed my story in the past, and who now point to stories like this to explain their unhappiness with the current administration.

When I ask "where were they then?" it has far more to do with incidents like these getting brushed off, and acting like a lot of current US security policy is some new thing.
This sort of thing has bugged me for years. We used to tell a joke about LBJ where he was stopped by a policeman for speeding (Johnson was well known for driving fast and picking up beagles by the ears.) As the policeman walks up to the car, LBJ rolls down his window. Realizing he had pulled over the president, the shocked policeman exclaimed, "Oh, my God!" Johnson replies, "Yes?"

Nixon was often described as having a royal presidency and I consider him the worst president of my lifetime.

If you're rich, famous, powerful and you want to mix with the regular folks. Don't trample on their rights and act like one of the regular folks as much as possible.
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