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Liberal Code Word For "Disagree With Me" - Racist

During my daily lunchtime walk yesterday, I stopped and bought an ice cream cone at a small coffee/sandwich stand in the Skywalk in Cincinnati. Since the ice cream was piled high and unsteady, I sat down at one of the small tables and began to read a weekly rag laying there, CityBeat.

Inside I found a column by Kevin Osborne, "Reviving a Vile Legacy." Osborne's column began with declaring states rights as a code word for racism. He then compares the tea party movement to the racists of the 1950s and 60s. He never really says how the tea party is about racism other than to imply that you must be a racist if you oppose the policies of a black president. Rather, he rambles with no point other than he hates anyone associated with the tea party movement.

Today I made my first visit to Instapundit and found a link to this article at CATO@Liberty. Seems Paul Krugman received the same talking points memo as Kevin Osborne.

Krugman chooses to measure the reaction to Bush's Social Security reform to the reaction to Obama's health care reform.
Some commentators have tried to play down the mob aspect of these scenes, likening the campaign against health reform to the campaign against Social Security privatization back in 2005. But there’s no comparison. I’ve gone through many news reports from 2005, and while anti-privatization activists were sometimes raucous and rude, I can’t find any examples of congressmen shouted down, congressmen hanged in effigy, congressmen surrounded and followed by taunting crowds.
Of course, he conveniently forgets the lefts treatment of Bush.

More HERE.

I guess the column proves that a Nobel prize winning economist can easily lose his way when talking politics and sociology.

The Dems and the left are intellectually bankrupt. They've created nothing new since the college days of Bill and Hillary. They've been relegated to childish name calling because they're ideas are empty. As a sign of the left's opposition to racism, thugs from the neo-socialist SEIU beat up a black man.

Sorry to bloviate, but that's a lot of info to respond to.

Why can't political posterism be as good as the "Debt Star?" The most outrageous images on both sides are always used by the opposite side to demonize legitimate disagreements.

The article is more interesting, as an amalgamation of facts that can be used to make a series of points that never really come together.

New rule: there are now too many code words in the politics of both sides.

Racism has long become the biggest wolf crying in our political culture. Such accusations are used so often that very real racism (like education funding) gets ignored, and legitimate issues are demonized (like illegal immigration). But I think you and I have agreed on this more than once over the years.

However, "states rights" is an unfortunately loaded term because of history. That really isn't an arguable point. I don't think it makes the tea parties racist organizations, as the mission to "empower citizens to enact changes in government through education and political action" is a noble goal that I think everyone could use a little more of.

I do kinda think a lot of these cats are johnny-come-lately's, as I was worried about the tyrrany of the Bush administration for a while. I've had my Gadsden flag (the "Don't Tread On Me") for damn near a decade now. But I also remember plenty of libertarians like Bob Barr who were speaking against the Bush administration as well.

And if Osborne didn't understand what the sheriff was talking about with the UPS "comparison," he loses most of his cred as a pundit.
The sheriff has been controversial because he is enforcing the law as it is written. Imagine that.

The article is more interesting, as an amalgamation of facts that can be used to make a series of points that never really come together.

Well put. Basically, he lists a bunch of stuff he doesn't like and then claims if must be racism.
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