Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The Audacity of Nope

The town hall meeting protesters have created quite a buzz. At times I'm not 100% sure I approve of yelling, screaming and disrupting these meetings. Yet, how do you communicate to arrogant, out of touch, self-serving, condescending, conceited public "servants" who refer to you as Nazis, mobs, racists and recruit thugs to physically attack you and intimidate you? Raising your voice seems like a logical response.

Like me. These are people who have had enough. People who are screaming the "We're not going to take it" refrain. These are people who have the audacity to tell the power mongers in D.C., "Nope. We've had enough."

Instapundit has lots of links regarding the protests.

I don't like the screaming, interrupting, etc. either. Of course it doesn't help that the news media prefers to report on the negative aspects of the protests. I guess news cameras wouldn't show up if the people were perfectly orderly and polite. Still, I don't think it helps get the message across when people seem out of control.

I loved the clip of Specter complaining that he didn't get extra pay for showing up at constituent meetings. Guess he'll be retiring soon.
Specter would help himself if he retired.
Specter would help himself if he retired.

The behavior still disgusts me, as it did when it was the shenanigans of the anti-Bush protesters for the last 8 years. Bad behavior is bad behavior, period.

As for the "thugs," I got detained and/or yelled at by police more than three times in 24 hours because there were lefty protesters in the county. Even if it happens on both sides, none of this intimidation is excusable.
Cousin Pat,

I agree that it is bad behavior, but what other options are there, when you are trivialized and pushed out of the way by the people who are supposed to represent you? When, in some polls (Zogby), over 50% of the country doesn't want this, yet they are still pushing forward, I think a little anger is good for a wake up call. As often as politicians ignore what the majority of the country wants (or doesn't want in this case), anger seems justifiable to me.

All the best,

E. Steven Berkimer
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