Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs

Believing it is their right to control public access to sources of information, liberals are now building a campaign to stomp out the showing, thus viewing, of Fox News channel in public places.
Whenever you’re in a public place–a bar, a restaurant, a dentist’s or doctor’s office–and they’ve got a TV on showing the Fox Terrorism Promotion Channel, a/k/a “Fox News,” ask them very politely to change the channel or to turn it off.
If someone asks why, just tell them that you can’t stand idly by while a TV network promotes domestic terrorism; if they refuse to change the channel, take your business elsewhere.
This all seems civil enough, nothing more than threatening financial harm if the business doesn't acquiesce to the liberal's demands. Mafia Lite so to speak. Naturally, it takes quite a bit of arrogance and conceit to believe one has the right to control every one's viewing. Of course, there's no shortage of arrogance and conceit in the liberal world.

Lest you believe this is a one man show, here's more. Liberals using a device to secretly turn off TVs when Fox News is showing.

I encourage people to fight this fascist attack on freedom of speech and freedom of thought. Request Fox News if it's not showing. I visited my doctor last week for my annual physical. He conveniently leaves the remote in the waiting room. Voila!!

Some of those commenters are vitriolic. Once again, it's free speech, but only if you agree with them.

Supporters of Domestic Terrorism? Really. And to call Fox right wing, is ridiculous. They are certainly more right than CNN, NBC, etc., but they are more centrist right than right wing.

I loved the idiot that tried to use the bowling for columbine issue. Uhhhhh, hello, that is a documentary/movie, not a news/commentary network.

E. Steven Berkimer
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