Sunday, May 24, 2009


Sexist Quote of the Day

Inside Higher Ed has a post on Lost Men on Campus. A commenter, whom I assume is female, calling herself Mitzy says:
The gender gap favoring females in K-16 education is not the result of "something being wrong with contemporary males." It is the result of a leveling of the playing field that has been going on for the last half century; to wit, when females are not discriminated against, they prove to be the superior students and intellects. Perhaps this realization was what compelled men to suppress them as long as they did. That is not to say that male intellect isn't strong; it is just that in an fair academic meritocracy, slight advantages will produce large results. Simple as that.
Let's hope Mitzy's a lesbian as no man deserves to live with this.

Frankly, not with most of the women I've ever met.
Few words, thunderous impact.

More than likely, I suspect that men have found that plumbing, carpentry, masonry, and other jobs that are vital to a well functioning economy and pay more than a Lesbian-American studies degree. : )
I know several people in the building trades that make very good money.
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