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Through out our lives we are sent signs. Signs of good things to come and of warnings of approaching problems. A tracker reads the subtlest of signs in the environment to find his sought after object. The better we can recognize the signs of things to come, the more we can expect to create desired results.

Bill Clinton's theme song was "Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac. Barack Obama's theme song is by "To Our Children's Children's Children" because that's who will pay for his fiscal irresponsibility.

Why Obama Isn't a Fascist. Sample:
Fascism even poses as a type of spiritual revolution.

Spiritual revolution?! Nah. It’s not like schoolchildren are singing hymns to him or anything.

Fascism came up with two tools that would help maintain “the unity of the nation”—corporatism and totalitarianism. In a corporative state, a country’s political, social, and economic power is held by a group of corporations, made up both of employers and employees. This group of corporations plans the economy and settles differences between social classes. In a totalitarian state, the government has total control over and can intervene in every aspect of an individual’s life. Using these two instruments, the nation would easily be maintained as the highest ideal.

There’s no move in our country for the government to have that much control over a few corporations who are too big to fail. UPDATE: WOW.

According to Fascist ideology, the nation will not become a completed unit as long as the working class is not assimilated into it, and until a way is found to harness each individual in a joint effort to achieve the common good. Fascism is also a reflection of certain values of the time: namely, emotions and spontaneity as opposed to reason—reason being the basis of democratic thought. In Fascism, the idea that emotions and the subconscious are more important in politics than reason is totally acceptable.
I must admit comparing Obama to Hitler is unfair. Mussolini is more like it.

Obama and the Dems are establishing their own little group of Black Shirts (Mussolini. Remember?) via GIVE Act which is the first step in his government mandated brainwashing indoctrination community service program. How ironic that the first black president stomps on the 13th amendment. Unfortunately, many Republicans support this too. The corruption created by power.

Obama has no knowledge of protocol. He gave DVDs to British Prime Minister Gordon and now bows to the king of Saudi Arabia. A huge American no-no.

And, then lies about it trying to claim he was bending over because he's taller than the Saudi king. Bill Clinton is an inch taller than Obama. We never saw him bow to royalty. Americans, not just the president, don't bow to royalty.

Of course, Obama thinks America is bad, which is probably protocol and American tradition mean nothing to him. His Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, blamed Mexico's drug cartel and violence problems on American. “Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade,”. Sounds like she's blaming the drug addicts victimized by the drug dealers. Steppenwolf had it right.

Hillary went on to state, “Our inability to prevent weapons from being illegally smuggled across the border to arm these criminals causes the deaths of police officers, soldiers and civilians.” Of course, if we protected our borders well enough to stop drugs, we would be stopping illegal aliens too. The Dems' corporate friends, who love low wage workers, wouldn't like that.

As a follow-up, Obama apologizes for America's arrogance. To paraphrase Michelle Obama, for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really ashamed of my country. Ashamed that we have become so self-hating, self-denigrating that we have elected a president whose message to the world is that we are bad.

Finally, back to the greatest set of signs: the huge budget, calling it ballooning would be an understatement, government take over of banks, other financial institutions, car companies and who knows what else. How anyone thinks this is sound fiscal or business policy is beyond me.

Back to Michelle Obama. for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really ashamed of my country because, unless we change directions, we will be leaving a country worse off to our children for the first time in history. The signs don't look good.

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