Thursday, April 16, 2009


Is This Reporting?

Susan Roesgen takes on the role of a counter-protester while pretending to be a reporter for CNN.

First Roesgen interrupts the man she's supposedly interviewing (not that he expressed himself that well).And then, she argues with him and insists it's only about taxes and says it's OK because Illinois getting a bunch of money. (Apparently she the thoughts of limited government and that a person has the right to keep the money they earn and determine themselves how it is spent escapes her.) Finally, she claims the protest is anti-CNN. Pathetic.

UPDATE: Roesgen set straight by another protester.

UPDATE II: Apparently the disappeareance of the link above was due to CNN trying to cover up the news they don't want you to know about. The video above now works, for the time being.

Kind of humorous that the video that "sets her straight" is no longer available because of copyright infringement.

However, the other one is still there only a click away.
Hmmmm. Interesting.
Perhaps, just perhaps, if people like Susan Roesgen looked up the meaning of "Journalism", they might understand that their job is to present the information, and not to editorialize.

Sadly, it seems that most in the MSM no longer know how to use a dictionary and understand the meaning of thier job title. Is it any wonder that the MSM is dying? I shudder to think what these people are going to do when they can't be editorialists....errrrrr, journalists.
wolf - The blatant transparency of their bias amazes me.
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