Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Cincinnati Tea Party - April 15 Edition

Turning out by the thousands, fed up with the Feds protesters made today's Cincinnati Tea Party a resounding success. Estimates are 4,000 to 5,000 people. I thought there was more. Today's showing outpaced the March 15 turnout.


The crowd at Fountain Square in the heart of downtown Cincinnati.

Starting the march to city hall. The length of the crowd was 4-5 blocks on 3-4 lane wide streets.

Marching up Vine St.

A determined protester with a good point.

A Korean war veteran and a Gulf War veteran, or as the Department of Homeland Security says, potential terrorists.

Just before I took this picture, these ladies were giving the policemen hugs. At what other protest would something like that happen. Many Tea Party protesters shook the policemen's hands and thanked them for helping out. I can't remember the last time I saw so many smiling policemen.

In front of Cincinnati City Hall.

More pictures HERE

Overall a great turnout. Probably more than on March 15 although it was a cold, overcast day and had rained this morning. It gives me hope. Now, if we can just get some change.

More pix at The Virtuous Republic and Right Wing Nut Job.

Great photos! I really like the one of the child with the pained expression! Entirely appropriate. I have added your blog to my favorites list, I will visit again.

Good work!

Thanks. Great to hear from you.
Great shots.

Another great turnout on a very cold miserable day.

Added link to my post on today's party.
Great report. We couldn't get to the Philly protest today. Glad to see the good turnout.
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