Sunday, March 15, 2009


Tea Party - Cincinnati Style

My son and I went to the Cincinnati Tea Party on Fountain Square today. It was encouraging to see some many people, thousands. On the way home, my son spontaneously thanked me for taking him. It was an enjoyable lesson in civics for him if nothing else.

Some pictures:

Below is, perhaps, the most mean spirited sign I saw.

A lot of these t-shirts were being worn.

Cute kids.

Blogging is great but sometimes you have to do a little extra.

More pictures HERE.

Welcome Instapundit readers.

That is so great that you went to this! What an experience for your son. I think we may go to one if we can, though it seems I always hear about the ones in my area after the fact.
My son and I were lucky to have the time to go. With all the various stuff my kids are into, it's rare to have a full day off. I hope you are able to make it to one. The people were quite friendly and rather cheerful. I guess they were happy to be able to vent.
Thanks for the comment at my site.

It was really good to see our side making their views seen and heard.
One more thing, I'm going to add your site to my blogroll. It will be nice to have some local conservative blogs to visit.
I'll do the same for your blog.
by the way, great shot of the "Obamacard". I wasn't able to get a clear shot.
Yes, it was a great event today! I love the pictures you posted, especially the last one of my friend Brenda holding signs that I put together last night!

We're from the Lexington area, and I was in touch with Mike when the event only had a few dozen folks coming, and to see the turnout today was so exciting!!

There is going to be a teaparty next Saturday (3/21) in downtown Lexington at noon. Folks can get more info at:
Typical Republican loser. How pathetic. Why don't you get a life?
Fantastic pics. I hope you don't mind. I posted a link to your blog and some of your pics at Team Sarah under Cincinnati Tea Party topic. Thanks for being there. I had to be at work. :-(

You also got a shout out from Michelle Malkin, which is how I found your blog.
Oops. I see you already know about Malkin since you linked to her site...
I live in the Hudson Valley and am so jealous! Couldn't make NYC but looking for tea parties closer to me. In the meantime the coverage of these is great. Cincy rocks! The pics are inspirational, and so are the normal Americans (i.e. not Sheehan and Code Pink moonbats) in them.

The folks in these pics are the real America.
That was a fantastic rally. According to 55KRC, it was the largest political rally in Fountain Square since Vietnam.

There were some fantastic signs!!! I posted up the photos I took:
DADvocate said...
"The people were quite friendly and rather cheerful. I guess they were happy to be able to vent."

I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade here, but being happy, cheerful, and friendly isn't going to cut it.
You guys must be kicking yourselves for losing in November, huh?

It's a wonder I never saw protests like these from you people when Bush & Co. were running up the debt like there was no tomorrow.

Anyway, keep at it, losers!
Why is it that the hateful comments always come from "Anonymous" ?

Cincinnati rocks.
Wow, I've really been set straight today! Here I am thinking that most people I know fall into the 95% of Americans for which this package represents a tax cut, you know, to stimulate the economy and whatnot, but apparently Cincinnati is positively brimming with folks making more than $250,000 and jealously hording that cash against the day they finally actually Go Galt instead of just talking about it.

Funny how of the top ten congressional districts on the Big Fat Loser list of home foreclosures, nine are Republican, huh? Isn't that a hoot?
I'm confused - this is a protest AGAINST a tax cut for the middle class? Whose side are these folks on? The CEOs?

Sam I Am, Midwest
This probably sums it up the best:

The Teabaggers are more than happy to parade around with offensive signs and do the dirty work of the rich douchebags behind the scenes, firmly convinced they are "protecting America" from some perceived threat and never realizing they are protecting the assholes that will not hesitate to lay them off.

Where were the Teabags the prior 8 years? Oh, I get it now.
Funny how the top 3 beneficeries of contributions from the mortgage companies--Fanny May in particular--were Democrats. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd...The Obama trolls are out in number, showing their ignorance, I see. Considering how only 3% of porkulus bill will creat jobs, what do you expect of the people? We are not going to allow the government to teal from our children and grandchildren!

And Sam I am--you STILL don't get it...
Sam I Am and his ilk are so stupid. These people are protesting the bailing out of the big CEO's. I shouldn't have to explain it to you, but you were no doubt educated in these dumb public schools and liberal colleges. You'll get of the tit someday and have to pay for the taxes Obama is saddling you with. I'll be retiring soon and you can pay for my Social Security and healthcare, too! That's the coolest thing: the stupid people that voted for this guy will be the ones paying the price! Got to love it!
About the 95% getting tax cuts--where in the world do you come up with that figure, and where are the "tax cuts"? Please tell me you aren't talking about the $11 week we are supposed to be getting on our paychecks to "stimulate" the economy, while Obama is serving $100/lb steak at his Wednesday dinners....

Remember folks--WE SURROUND THEM!

PS--Came here from Michelle's blog--I am proud of the great father figure you are for your children!
Grrr, have to say something about Sam I am being "offended" by the signs. I was OFFENDED when President Bush was booed as he got into his helicopter to leave the White House, after making the transition for Obama one of the best of a departing president ever recorded. I am OFFENDED by the lack of class of Obamabots, and the replies here by you trolls have not changed my opinon.

I am OFFENDED that Obama thinks this is an oppourtunity to create socialist programs that will do nothing but ruin our country. He is a laughingstock in Europe now because of the DVD set that he gave to the PM of England.

I am OFFENDED, and more than scared that Russia is now thinking of have a base in Cuba--thanks to Obama's yellow streak up his back.

well said, lovemyUSA.

The past 8 years, nor ever, has there been a "stimulus" bill like this one, or such an earmark laden budget. Where was anon the last 8 years? Where is he now? Being a lapdog for the Dems most likely.
Awesome job Cinn. A great example for the rest of us with tea parties coming up.
What is "mean-spirited" (a heavily used lib term, btw) about saying which President is the worst? One of the 44 Presidents has to be the worst. My pick would be the most socialist also.
To all the anonymous democrats too afraid to leave their names. We who are fighting to save our country all gave Obama a chance. We believed that it didn't matter what color his skin color was, that he had the true interests of Americans at heart. However, in giving him a chance, because most of us are fair minded and believe that all people are good until we see otherwise are now finding that sometimes it giving something a chance could eventually end in ruin for our way of life. It is not really about Obama but about all politicians which have been turning a deaf ear to true American beliefs and core values. We still are the majority albeit not necessarily silent any longer. How can anyone expect to get "money for nothing" if there is no money left to get. How can we expect to be like rich people and have excesses to spend if there are no businesses or industry to provide the base for any kind of welfare type program. Therefore, you liberals keep believing in the change you voted for. If we don't win, twenty years down the road we will be a baby communist country where most of us will live in small bungalows or rentals and the best we will be able to do is take a vacation once in a while.

Mary - Rhode Island
This blog is further evidence of the absolute stupidity of those who compromise the Republican party.
I love it when people take their opinions to the streets in dress up and placards and speeches. But I live in New Orleans, so that's normal behavior as I've come to know it.

I don't know what's funnier - the Debt Star picture (which is one of the funniest political images I've seen, ever) or Anon 1037 calling anyone else "stupid" when they don't know the meaning of the word "compromise."
annonymous 10:37 PM is further evidence of the absolute stupidity of those who "compromise" the democrat party. Let him figure it out himself, cousin Pat. If he can.

By the way, love the "Tyranny Response Team" t-shirt, Dadvocate. I want to know where to purchase some of those if you can find a seller.
br549 - I'll let you know if I find one.
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