Friday, March 20, 2009


Curious Non-Rape Case

False rape accusations stand as one of the biggest bones of contention between feminists and men's rights advocates. Why, and if, a woman would lie about being raped brings heated discussion. The most recent highly publicized case involved the Duke University lacrosse team who were tried and convicted in the media with swift severity. Unfortunately for the alleged perpetrators, and self-appointed judges and juries, the crime didn't happen.

In Oxford Township, OH, a woman claimed she had been raped.
The woman said she was walking along Route 27 near College Corner sometime before 4 a.m. when a man in a dark-colored vehicle pulled up beside her and ordered her into the car at gunpoint.

The woman said the man drove her to a field where he raped her several times. She said he then took her money and drove her back to the area where he picked her up.
After some investigation, the woman admitted no rape had occurred. She had made up the story.

Certainly, this particular woman must be emotionally disturbed. Luckily, there was no particular man accused who had to face the false claims.

But, it's always good to remember that people lie about lots of stuff, many times even when it makes no sense. I can't really imagine why. Lest we forget, men lie about rape too, hoping to avoid prison.

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