Sunday, March 01, 2009


BDS Gone Wild

When someone dies to you respectfully mourn them? Do you at least at least bite your tongue and refrain from speaking ill of the dead of you didn't like them? Or do you use it as an opportunity to criticize George W. Bush?

If you're the left wing, hate filled blogger, Southern Beale you use it as an opportunity to make hate filled comments about George W. Bush.

Bush made a three sentence statement mourning the death of Paul Harvey. Apparently, any public acknowledgment of George Bush's existence if more than Southern Beale bear and she responds to a respectful post by another left winger with
I noticed on the Paul Harvey website there is a statement on his passing from George W. Bush. Cripes, dude, you're not president anymore. Go off into the sunset already.
I wonder if she has the same sentiments regarding Bill Clinton. Nary a mention of remorse for Paul Harvey and his family whose death the post was about. (Bush is mentioned no where in the post.)

Truly pathetic.

Nary a mention of remorse for Paul Harvey and his family whose death the post was about.

That's because I didn't want to speak ill of the dead.
You're so kind. Sarcasm off.
to use her own phrase

Hey SB, how about a steaming cup of SFTU with a side of S**k it B**ch.
I checked out her blog. It's worse than usual leftwing drivel, it's completely milktoast. Just like her comment above, she has something to say, but says nothing. Her posts have statements with very few links but lots of copy with no context. She is consistently missing the point of the wider argument. What probably best sums up her intellect is that she thinks that TDS with that clown John Stewart is the height of whats best for america. That he is braqvely speaking truth to power. Give me a break. She goes on about cults needing to be brought up again without any notice of the cult of obama.
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