Saturday, February 14, 2009


Woman Exercises Husband to Death

Following a lengthy investigation a 40 year old Ohio woman, Chris Mason, has been charged with reckless homicide after exercising her 73 year old husband to death.
On June 2, Middlefield Police responded to the Middlefield Village Apartments, 16119 E. High St., for a report of an unresponsive male in a swimming pool. When officers arrived, they discovered 73-year-old James Mason, lifeless in the pool. Chris Mason was also in the pool, holding him, according to reports.

Police had knowledge of prior alleged abuse from Chris toward James, which led to the opening of the investigation into James’ death. Police reviewed a surveillance video from the apartment complex which led to a criminal investigation, according to reports.

“That video revealed some pretty disturbing footage for about an hour and 40 minutes leading up to his death,” said Middlefield Police Chief Joseph Stehlik. “We knew we were going to be investigating an assault or a homicide.”

On June 3, James died and the homicide investigation began in conjunction with the Geauga County Coroner’s Office, Cuyahoga County Coroner’s Office and the Geauga County Prosecutor.

The official cause of death was ruled as a heart attack by forced exercise in the swimming pool, Stehlik said. Police did not receive the homicide ruling from the coroner’s office until last month, which was pertinent to make an arrest, he said.

The surveillance video showed Chris blocking James’ exit out of the pool 43 times in the hour and 40 minutes, Stehlik said. James was, however, able to get out of the pool a few times, but ultimately was forced back in.
An interesting twist is that Mason was born a male and had gender reassignment surgery in 1993. I wonder if judge and jury will give her the usual sympathy given women.

I know it's not very PC of me, but I can't help but think that anyone who wants "gender reassignment" surgery actually *needs* therapy. Why is it ok to get an expensive operation to have your reproductive organs removed, your appearance substantially altered, and your hormonal balance permanently disordered, but it's "self-abuse" to cut yourself or otherwise engage in un-anesthetized self-mutilation?

Frankly I don't see much difference between the two.
Jason - I have to agree with you but therapy may not be the answer. A guy I used to know who was 6' 4" and a good athlete decided to have a sex change as a result of therapy. But he didn't want to have sex with men. Now he/she is a 6' 4" transexula lesbian. Just a little too crazy for me.
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