Saturday, February 28, 2009


Paul Harvey - Good Day

Driving home this evening I heard on the radio that Paul Harvey had died at the age of 90. When I was a child my parents always listened to Harvey. My mother particularly liked him. Partly because the hailed from Tulsa, OK where my mom spent that second half of her childhood.

I enjoyed Harvey's style. His delivery made him instantly recognizable. Besides his news and commentary, he also had a "Rest of the Story" human interest bit he did. Most recently I would listen to it on WLW radio or WKRC radio in Cincinnati. I considered "The Rest of the Story" to be little pearls of history and sometimes wisdom.

I will miss Harvey more than any other newscaster that graced radio or TV.

Harvey's signature sign of was, "Paul Harvey (long hesitation) Good Day."

Now, from me, it's "Paul Harvey, Good night, and may God bless you for eternity."

Some part of me imagines him trading stories with William Buckley in Heaven.
They would be a good pair.
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