Sunday, February 15, 2009


More Males Are The Problem

I took this picture of a poster on the side of a bus stop several months ago in Cincinnati.

What caught my interest was the "I stand up to my buddies when they disrespect girls" checkpoint. This poster was put up by the YWCA of Cincinnati. You'd think the YWCA would put up posters directed at females. But, no, they put up posters telling boys how to act including the subtle message that boys are the problem. Nag, nag, nag.

I walk 1.5 to 2 miles around downtown 3-4 times a week. I go by the YWCA frequently. I've never seen a poster or sign instructing girls to not disrespect or mistreat boys. In fact, I don't think in my 57 years on this planet that I've ever seen a sign, poster or public service message telling any female group to treat men with respect.

Rather lopsided and harmful to males.

what, you want everyone treated with respect? that's crazytalk. :massive eyeroll:

The thing is these ideas are just subtle enough not to seem too bad. Just like a sitcom with a good lookin' mama and the dimbulb dad. I know a number of good lookers that maried not-so-spiffy guys. Thing is, I know those guys, and they all have edumacations and are decent blokes. It wouldn't be too hard though to subtly infer that a guy was only smart enough to marry a beautiful woman.

This sort of subtlety is sometimes aimed at women too, no doubt... but there are quite a few messages that are sent that cna influence negatively.

It's interesting that the subtle message in this bus shell case is the shadow drawn. That young man can never expect respect from women, because they will never be called on it.
Suggesting that women respect men! Why Oppressor you! We all know that by "respect" you *really* mean "be subservient to"!

You just know that that would be the reaction:-(.
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