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Poor Disaster Relief and Obama Shows Insensitivity

After 4 1/2 days, I finally have my electric power restored to my house. Gee, only 4 1/2 days to restore power to an area accessible by Toyota Camry with street tires.

As I said in a comment at DrHelen's:
What's Obama doing? Making jokes about schools closing and turning up the thermostat in the Oval office.

How out of touch can this guy be? FEMA's finally sending some generators to Ft. Campbell, KY. Wait, that's 300 miles away from us.

Tuesday and part of Wednesday we had a level 3 snow emergency which means if we're on the roads we can be arrested. A friend of mine was stopped because his license plate was obscured by snow.

Give me a break! If this is how the Obama administration handles natural disasters, you better be prepared!! Of course, most of us are just a bunch of white yahoos who voted for McCain, so who cares.
Can you imagine the MSM and liberal reaction if Bush had made the school closing comment? My kids didn't go to school all week. Sunday night we got enough snow to make the roads too dangerous for school buses. (Does Obama know what a Kentucky back road looks like?) Monday night 5 inches of snow, Tuesday sleet and freezing rain, Wednesday morning about a half inch of snow to top it off.

The level 3 snow emergency thing is a bad joke too. I'm sitting at home with no heat, no electricity. Yes, I could pull something out of the freezer and thaw it/cook it on my gas grill and then sit and eat it in the cold and dark while the fumes from my kerosene heater threaten to kill me. (Several people died from CO poisoning. BTW - you can be poisoned and die from CO poisoning from a poorly places generator too. Don't put you generator in your garage, basement or anywhere else inside the structure of your home. Put it outside.) From what I heard on the Weather Channel, more people in the U.S. die from the effects of winter storms than any other weather events. Or, I could drive 1.2 miles to the bridge, go into Kentucky and eat a hot meal at a restaurant and spend the night at a friend's, which I did under threat of arrest. A friend of mine was stopped by a Brown County, OH deputy for having his license plate obscured by snow!! Helpful law enforcement. A Hamilton County, OH (Cincinnati) stopped a metro bus for being out. Huh?

Obama and the Dems are busy greasing the palms of their campaign contributors and other rich friend plus seating cabinet members who don't pay their taxes while they try to distract you with talk about corporate bonuses. Of course, the MSM has shown due diligence in covering up this charade. Hope and change my ass.

Meanwhile a story from today in Kentucky,
A state official said about 438,000 Kentucky homes and businesses remain without electricity following this week's ice storm. Many others still lack electricity in other states from the Midwest into Appalachia.
The storm is suspected in at least 42 deaths across several states. Authorities said it could be weeks before some areas get power back.
The average household in Kentucky in 2.47 people and the population is 4.2 million. Approx. 25% of Kentucky's population is without power 3-4 days after the storm ended! Ridiculous! This is just Kentucky! These are places accessible by Toyota Camry, no flooded out roads and destroyed bridges. (I had little trouble driving my 1998 Toyota Camry where ever I wanted during this event. A little caution, a little skill, no problem.)

More here at Instapundit

Two more generator deaths here.

I would have blogged about this sooner but it's hard to blog when you have no Internet connection or electricity. I don't blog at work. I may comment but not blog.

Beautiful winter pictures to come.

Here are the pictures:

Trees bent under the weight of ice and snow on my road.

The William Harsha Bridge during the snow storm. Visibility was less than a quarter mile.

Highway 68 in Maysville, KY. This is usually the most heavily traveled section of highway in the city.

A tree completely destroyed by ice and snow.

Trees heavily covered in ice and snow.

I saw these trucks going up my street Friday morning (that's my mailbox) and thought I'd have power back than night. I was wrong.

A pretty scene in Maysville, KY.

More pictures Here

Hope things are getting better. I'm so sorry it took so long.
Everything is OK at my house and my neighbor's now. I'm just holding Obama to the same standard as George Bush was held.
Yeah, it's pretty as hell. Except when your area has no power and you're cold and the roads are a friggin' ice rink.

Except for the snow, looks a lot like my neighborhood last winter when we got a nasty ice storm. Some big trees got so top-heavy they didn't split; they fell over, pulling the root ball out of the ground.
Firehand - I saw one tree like that, a large pine or spruce. On Tuesday when I was out in a partially wooded area, limbs were falling at the rate of one every 3-4 minutes. Made walking around scary.
I hope things are getting better. And you are right, if we had a Republican President the press and everyone else would be screaming about this. Pathetic.
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