Monday, January 19, 2009


Ohio Liquor Sales Highest Ever

A sign of the times? 2008 liquor sales in Ohio were the highest ever.
An increase of 4.75 percent over 2007, Ohio liquor sales for 2008 hit $719.2 million.
Zurz attributed the increases to a rise in prices, a trend of consumers buying more premium-priced liquors and a rise in consumption.
Are people drinking more due to the poor economy? Given that premium-priced liquors increased in sales, maybe it's the wealthy watching their investments go down the drain doing all the drinking.

The good news? The second highest selling liquor was that sweet nectar from my home state of Tennessee - Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey. Good stuff.

Maybe they're just preparing for inauguration speech drinking games. A shot every time he says "hope and change?"
LOL. I couldn't possibly drink that much.
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