Sunday, January 25, 2009


Can Obamaniacs Face the Truth...

that Obama is not the most popular person in history?

Post Politics asks, "
Was Obama’s The Most Watched Inauguration In Modern Times?"

The one word answer Post Politics gives, "Nope."

Immediate response from Obamaniacs in the comments:
...comparing Nielsen ratings from 1981 to 2009 isn’t exactly accurate.
Do you ,Dan, really believe that more people across the country watched the Reagan Inauguration? Stop playing.
This does not include
the record number who watched online via live streaming.

find the whole Reagan v Obama ratings/attendance/ debate petty and tiresome. I don’t understand the juvenile need of conservatives to rewrite history in an attempt to make the failed Republican Party seem grander than it is.
I find the last comment most entertaining. Call everybody else petty and then make your own petty comment.

I figured out this much. Using the numbers that Post Politics pointed to, and calculating what percentage they are of the population at the time of Reagan's (227.7 million with 41.8 million watched) and Obama's (305.6 million with 37.8 million watched), 21% of the population watched Reagan's inauguration and a meager, pitiful, measly 12% watched Obama's inauguration. Even if you add the 5.4 million of people, reference by the whiny commenter above, who may have watched online to the 37.8 million on TV, you only get 14.2% of the general population.

Of course, since online streaming video wasn't available to the general population in 1980, if at all, it's an unfair comparison at best. It's like saying Truman was more popular than FDR because more people watched his inauguration on TV. (Truman was the first inauguration on TV.) By this commenter's logic Reagan and Obama would be more popular than every president before 1870 when the U.S. population was 38.5 million.

Will Obamaniacs ever be able to face and accept even the simplest truth about the Chosen One?

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