Saturday, December 06, 2008


Favorite Christmas Carols

Marbel at Two Kid Schoolhouse has been posting her favorite Christmas carols. Her first three posts are here, here, and here. While I doubt I can keep up with her productivity, here are a couple of my favorites.

"The Christmas Song" by Nat King Cole. Cole's melodic voice radiates the warmth of this song a way no one else has. As a kid I loved to sit in front of our fireplace and soak in the heat. I can still feel the glow from those fires when listening to Cole sing "The Christmas Song."

"O Holy Night" When I was in the third grade at St. Mary's School in Knoxville, there was a girl in the 8th grade who sang beautifully and well as being beautiful. I believe her name was Anna Lee .... Every boy in the school was infatuated with Anna Lee. During the church Christmas celebration, she sang "O Holy Night" with the rest of us accompanying during the chorus. Anna Lee sang with a wonderful soprano voice. Of course, I was a young, impressionable boy but I still rank her voice among the prettiest I've ever heard. I chose this video because of the beautiful female voices although it lacks the accompaniment of children.

Carrie Underwood also sings a wonderful version.

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Hey, thanks for the nod. Though I'm not sure searching youtube for Christmas songs is exactly productive. These songs are great too!
Man, wasn't Nat King Cole the best?
Yes, he was.
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