Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The (un)Fairness Doctrine

Mike McConnell on WLW radio discussed the Fairness Doctrine briefly. He doesn't believe it will be enacted because too many don't want it including liberals. But he had more interesting thoughts.

McConnell thought MSNBC would love it if it was applied to TV cable channels. The Fairness Doctrine would give them an easy out to ditch Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman, two of the lowest rated TV "news" shows.

My thought wasn't on the Fairness Doctrine but on Olberman's love for Obama. If Obama is elected, there won't be a blue dress with a stain. It will be a blue tie. And, the tie will belong to Keith Olberman.


I can't watch either one of those dingleberries, and can't think of one thing in this world I have spent less time doing than watching either one of them.
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