Thursday, October 09, 2008


Thank Goodness for Our Democratic Congress

Talking with a liberal friend today, he convinced me we should be grateful that we (they) voted in a Democratic Congress two years ago. He showed me how gas and energy prices would have soared through the roof this past summer and that a Republican Congress would have just gone on vacation rather than do anything to help everyday Americans.

He also described in great detail with convincing evidence how the Democratic Congress had averted economic disaster for the country. The Dow would have fallen below 8,600 which had reached 12,849.36 in April, 2008. He described how banks and insurance companies would have been folding left and right. He said Congress would have been forced to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to try and rectify the massive economic problems.

Had my friend not had convincing evidence of our Democratic Congress' actions to avert these problems, I never would have believed such outrageous claims.

Thank goodness for our Democratic Congress.

For similar reasons, I subscribe to the New York Times and scan DU and DailyKos every day. They reassure me that as a Republican I enjoy a rich, opulent lifestyle, have women everywhere under my control, and am one of the hidden hands running the great business cabals that dominate Wall Street and Washington, D.C. In contrast, FOX News and conservative blogs are so depressing to read.
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