Monday, September 01, 2008


Throwing Stones

Justin comments at Knoxviews Most likely. Although having a pregnant teenage daughter and a drunk for a husband (DUI) certainly wont help matters. I'm sure they both found Jesus so all is forgiven.

I wonder how many of you have had someone in your family pregnant out of wedlock or a brother/sister arrested for DUI. I happen to know that for the operators at Knoxviews the answer is "yes" to both questions, as it is in my family and my ex-wife's family and many other families. Will they speak up or allow the trashing of Sarah and Bristol Palin to continue because they're on the other side of the political spectrum?

The assault on Sarah and Bristol Palin, and their family in general, in the pregnancy issues are assaults on everyone whose had to face these situations and make the best of it they could. The gross insensitivity of many of the lefties is quite revealing but not surprising. Usually, they justify their statements with "If Chelsea had gotten pregnant..." or "Rush Limbaugh once said..." How easy it is to rationalize our own evil actions. Just because someone else has done evil or you imagine that someone else would have done evil, does it exonerate you when you do evil?

Where's the tolerance and acceptance liberals/progressives are always harping about?

OI, have a DUI 22 years ago and suddenly? Your a drunk. How many kids end up preggers at 17, and are fine?

How is this relevant to the VP choice? That she's normal? The whole thing just gives me a headache...
My neck hurts because I've been shaking my head in amazement.
I'm laughing too hard to type...
really, I think there are very few who don't have that somewhere. Or worse.
I am appalled at the "he's a drunk" thing. If everyone who ever got a DUI or DWI ticket were actually an alcoholic, no one would be able to drive.

I'm not even sure this requires tolerance. We're talking a world in which there are Kennedys and Clintons whose behavior is said to be irrelevant to their public office so please tell me why the same is not true when the proverbial shoe is on the other proverbial foot? I am baffled.

And the whole thing about how Palin should be home taking care of her kids because that's a woman's real job . . . uh, Hillary almost got nominated by these same folks....
Jau - well said. If they are going to start with this kind of thing, I expect to hear a lot of screaming from the Dems (Yeah right) that Ted Kennedy is a drunk and murderer, John Edwards is an adulterer (don't forget the Reverend Jesse Jackson...same thing). And let's not even start with Clinton...

The hypocrisy from the left is astounding. I would like to see Palin start asking about these every time the questions are brought up by the MSM to her. I wonder how long it would take before the questions stop getting asked?
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