Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hurricane Hits Cincinnati

OK, it really wasn't a hurricane, just the remnants of one, Hurricane Ike. Winds were officially clocked at 74 mph. The gusts up rooted trees, tore siding and shingles off of buildings, spread fires and generally wreaked havoc. Power was knocked out to 1.25 million Duke Energy customers plus some others not served by Duke Energy (like me).

As of today at 6:30 PM, over 400,000 still have no electrical power.

Screen shot of power outages for Cincinnati (Hamilton County) and surrounding counties. To worsen matters, many of Duke Energy's maintenance and repair workers were on their way or already in Texas to help out with damage there leaving the Cincinnati area undermanned.

Schools and businesses were also closed. With many gas stations unable to operate, others sustained long lines.

Photos HERE and HERE.

Nothing like what Hurricane Ike did to Texas but quite a surprise for Midwesterners who expect a local tornado or severe thunderstorm occasionally.

News stories HERE and HERE.

Fortunately, I was only without power for 8 hours. Most of Maysville, KY had no interruption in power which is where most people in this area shop and buy gas. It was so windy, though less so than Cincinnati, at my house that I was afraid to mow my yard for fear a falling limb would hit me in the head.

Update: There's a certain irony of living within sight of a power plant and not having any power. Kentucky Power has a plant across the river from the mouth of the creek upon which I live, about 1.5 miles from where I live. New Richmond, OH has a power plant on it's western edge but the town was still without power when I drove home last night.

It took a long time to restore power in various sections of Cleveland.
Same in Cincinnati. Over a week for a few people.
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