Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Dumbest Comment of the Day?

I left a snarky comment at a post about Lindsey Lohan's opinion of Bristol Palin's pregnancy.

Referring to LL I asked, "Is she sober?"

The brilliant reply:

GoldnI writes
September 3rd, 2008 3:49 pm

Lindsey IS sober now. Her “girlfriend” Samantha Ronson has calmed her down. If you read Perez Hilton, you’d have known that by now.

As if I'm going to waste any time keeping up with LL or reading Perez Hilton.

GoldnI is mad at me because I pointed out that "explicit" and "comprehensive" aren't the same thing.
DADvocate writes
September 2nd, 2008 1:45 pm

Maybe you misunderstood me. Every 17 year old I have ever talked to knows how you get pregnant and how to prevent it. However, I’ve never done a survey. But my 12 year old daughter knows.

I was taught in public grade school in 1964 or ‘65. All my 4 kids were taught in public school. I think we may be arguing over the word “explicit.”

Palin said she wouldn’t support “explicit sex-education programs.” in response to the question below. “Yes, the explicit sex-ed programs will not find my support.”

Will you support funding for abstinence-until-marriage education instead of for explicit sex-education programs, school-based clinics, and the distribution of contraceptives in schools?

I support a certain level of sex education in schools but the word “explicit” makes me wary.

GoldnI writes
September 2nd, 2008 2:10 pm

It doesn’t sound like “explicit” is meant to be in the same context as “explicit lyrics”. I think it means comprehensive in this instance. I take the context to mean that sex-ed programs should teach condoms and birth control, not obscenities. It was a weirdly-worded question, I’ll give you that.
DADvocate writes
September 2nd, 2008 2:39 pm

You’re inventing new definitions for the word “explicit.” Neither in the dictionary nor the thesaurus is comprehensive paired with explicit. If you’re going to redefine words you can explain anything as you wish.
GoldnI should have paid better attention during vocabulary.

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