Wednesday, September 03, 2008


A Couple of Questions

Frequently Sarah Palin is referred to as a "beauty queen." The obvious reference is that beauty queens are dumb bimbos. Not the ones I've met. Maysville's Heather Renee French won Miss America in 2000. She is anything but a bimbo. (Plus, thanks to her my youngest son can honestly say he's been kissed my Miss Amerca.) I've known a few other beauty queens who are just as smart.

But, my question is this: how does the party of pretty boy candidates have the gall to belittle female beauty? John Kerry - pretty boy. John Edwards - pretty boy. Barack Obama - pretty boy. Joe Biden - old pretty boy.

My other question: Does Sarah Palin really eat mooseburgers?

John Kerry may be many things--rich, elitist, preppy--but "pretty boy" is one of the last terms I'd use to describe him!
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