Sunday, September 07, 2008


The Audicity of Socialism

Investor's Business Daily has an interesting series on Barack Obama.
Barack Obama has styled himself a centrist, but does his record support that claim?

In this series, we examine Senator Obama's past, his voting record and the people who've served as his advisers and mentors over the years. We'll show how the facts of Obama's actions and associations reveal a far more left-leaning tilt to his background — and to his politics.
The series includesAnd more.

So, how soon do you think it will be before any of this is talked about in the MSM? Yeah....that's what I thought too.

This is all pretty scary stuff. I have to say, I like the Public Allies group as doing the same thing as the Hitler Youth....all indoctrination, and then spread the word.

By December 1936, HJ(Hitler Youth) membership stood at just over five million. That same month, HJ membership became mandatory, under the Gesetz über die Hitlerjugend law. This legal obligation was re-affirmed in 1939 with the Jugenddienstpflicht and HJ membership was required even when it was opposed by the member's parents.

Scary stuff.

DADvocate, I've seen your posts on other sites (Dr. Helen and Glenn Sacks to name 2), and have recently found my way here. Thanks for what you do. Found my way into the MRM via of all places. It's amazing what a little education can do. Again, thank you.
Thanks for visiting. Definitely scary stuff. The left wants to indoctrinate everyone into their line of thinking. No dissent allowed.
I saw an interview with Ted Nugent on Glenn beck's TV show.

He advocates activism. Activism on the side of conservatism. Activism on the side of being republican.

Community organizing seems to work. Seems the women's movement is about socialism now, not about women per se. The proof of that are the attacks on Sarah Palin by those involved with the women's movement.

If the women's movement was indeed about women, then women conservatives would be as championed as women liberals. IF the women's movement was truly about women. As Dr. Helen stated on her blog, it is a political movement. One I believe women are being sucked into - hook, line, and sinker. They are being used by a hidden, more sinister agenda.
Abortion is a great tool for social engineering. You just deny and otherwise sweep under the rug the fact it is being used as such. Over 45 million children have been aborted in this nation so far. I wonder how many were because of rape and incest. A couple hundred? A thousand? A dozen? The "workers" needed will, and do, come from elsewhere now. Who is courting them? Who is "organizing" them?
Unfortunately, all politicians, from all political persuasion.

Women are supposed to be liberal democrat socialists. A myth is being perpetrated on women, by women, of women, led by men and women who are socialists. Women are being indoctrinated into being anti-male. Being convinced all men are bad. Convinced men have all the power and must be brought down. Power and money must be taken away from them and redistributed. Their fathers, their husbands, brothers, cousins, friends, neighbors. If that is not divisive, I do not know the meaning of the word.

And, they need to get the guns. Not because of crime. But because those who do not agree with them will eventually be forced to defend themselves against them. They plan on having a brainwashed police and military on their side by the time the change occurs. If the opposition is not armed, it will be easier and faster to control. Kidding? Paranoid? You think it can't happen here? Where then, as it continues to morph, can all this be leading?
Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, believed in eugenics. Obama's form of community organizing involves eventually forcing everyone to participate and being brainwashed into the left wing social philosophy. Very scary stuff.
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