Friday, August 29, 2008


Will Gustav Disappoint Lefties?

Cousin Pat at Hurricane Radio was rightfully upset at some lefties hoping tropical storm Gustav would reach hurricane strength and bulldoze NOLA during the Republican National Convention.
We could always count on the right wing telling us how New Orleans should be bulldozed, but I never thought it would come from the left. I sure never thought it would come from the left to score political points during the Republican National Convention.
Now, it's looking like Gustav will miss NOLA completely. I guess the lefties will have to wish death and destruction on someone else.

This is precisely why my Mom calls them "Doom and Gloom Democrats." Any type of disaster can be used for their political gain. Just look at how they reluctantly reported the somewhat positive economic news yesterday.

It truly disgust me.

Wasn't Focus on the Family calling for storms of Biblical proportions in Denver to disrupt the DNC? I guess they said (after they got busted?) that it was supposed to be a joke...
marbel - I think you're right. In this case, the storm is already there and the threat is real.

In both cases, everyone has a greatly misplaced sense of values.
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