Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Unfair Criticism of Elizabeth Edwards

I'm far from an Edwards fan and I think Elizabeth Edwards has more than her share of snottiness based on her comments about her Republican neighbor and such.

But criticizing her for not disclosing her husband's affair is simply wrong. Even in court a spouse is protected from testifying against the other. Additionally, Ms. Edwards suffers from cancer. Another example of the lefties eating their own.

Give the lady a break. It's not like she drove off a bridge and killed someone.

You have a point, but if she really did know back in 2007 and stumped for him anyway - especially considering that she kept on about what a champion of family and decency he is - then she was complicit in trying to deceive voters and that's not very nice. Plus, didn't they renew their vows then? Sheesh, talk about hypocrisy on both their parts!
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