Friday, August 29, 2008


Palin For VP

I'm waiting to watch the official announcement of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate. I've had CNN on in the next room. Listening is interesting. John Roberts early on asked the sexist question, can a woman with young children serve as vice-president or president? I don't remember that question coming up when JFK ran or when any number of men ran for Senator, Congressperson or governorships.

At this point I know only what I've heard on CNN and a little from the Internet. At Ann Althouse, women and men seem excited and happy with the pick. The few tidbits I've picked up: she's pro-life and has lived it by choosing to give birth to a Down's Syndrome child rather than have an abortion; 5 kids; lifetime member of the NRA; known as a reformer; there was apparently a minor scandal in her gubernatorial administration in which a staff member, unbeknown, to Palin tried to get Palin's sister's husband fired as a state trooper.

I kind of like that she's from Alaska. Alaskan's have a reputation for self-reliance and individualism.

OK, listened to most of her speech before I had to do something else. She spoke excellently. Obviously intelligent and comfortable in this role. Beautiful family and family roots that will appeal to everyday Americans. She spoke with enthusiasm and energy and an appealing voice unlike Hillary Clinton. I'm willing to bet her IQ is higher than Joe Biden's.

So far, all the Democratic response to her selection sound sexist. The Dems are treading on thin ice here. At this point, I like the choice.

I'm oddly gleeful... I think her experience is as much as Obama's, so she is a good balance in opposition... except the more experienced person is the person going for the presidency. This will certainly STFU people who are pulling out the minority cards everywhere. I'm surprised the dems are attacking the way they are. This may fracture their party even more...
I'm with you. The Dems better tread lightly. How much experience did Jimmy Carter have when he ran for president? Only a little more than Palin and less executive experience.

I love it that she's a real woman. She unabashedly admires her husband, loves her kids and isn't bitter. I hope she can hold onto her enthusiasm.
I can't believe how excited I am about all of this. I can't think of anyone better suited as a running mate for McCain. I see eye to eye on her on most issues, as far as I can ascertain. I love the fact that she is from Alaska too. The Dems are appearing incredibly sexist here.

I watched most of her speech. I was surprised at how well she spoke and by how touched I was. Very exciting.
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