Monday, August 25, 2008


Obama/Biden Bad for Dads

If Obama and Biden get into office it means more bad news for dads.
On Father’s Day 2008, Sen. Obama could have spoken on any number of topics. His choice was to castigate African-American fathers and blame fathers, and fathers alone, for the ills of the African-American family.
he also castigated them for failing to endorse “responsible fatherhood” which essentially means signing up for 18 years of overly highly calculated child support.
Senator Biden is the guy willing to give ex-wives free attorneys to help in their divorce cases
If Obama wants responsible fathers why doesn't he fight for a father's right to equal time, equal access and joint physical custody of his children in the event of divorce. To liberals "responsible" fatherhood means writing checks for child support while the "responsible" mother has complete control.

What can I say about Biden? He embodies the white liberal male self-hatred that has helped to flush men's rights down the drain the past 50 years.

Ummm. That an African-American man who grew up without a father in the home would speak to the responsibilities of fathers in an at-risk community is not something to be surprised by.

That it is considered a 'bad thing' is surpirsing to me. To me, this sounds like Bill Cosby. This is a tower of the American black community speaking to one of the biggest problems in the black community, man to men.

And I don't think he's really talking about ex-husbands paying more in alimony so their ex-wives can get a fancy new car or a house in the hills. I think he's talking more to the non-married men who father children anyway, and don't take responsibility for them.

As for Biden's VAWA, as it is with all laws, it comes down to enforcement and clarification. But you're not going to gain much traction from Esplanade Ridge in New Orleans, where we have 1) a State Senator charged with breaking into his ex-girlfriend's house and assaulting her; 2) one man on the recieving end of 'justifiable killing' as he called and threatened his ex- girlfriend, then broke into her house, and 3) a medium profile local celebrity on trial for killing his wife.
It's the castigating part, especially when men are expected to take responsibility and have none of the privileges or rights. Child support often goes well beyond the actual needs of the child.

Free attorneys for women and not men, as well as the general idea of VAWA, goes against the equal protection under the law right which is supposed to be a constitutional right. Of course, some of us are more equal than others.

All the incidents you mentioned in Esplanade Ridge were/are illegal without VAWA. VAWA primarily provides an easy way for women to bring the weight of the law against innocent men. Guilty men (and women) already have the weight of the law against them.
"It's the castigating part, especially when men are expected to take responsibility and have none of the privileges or rights."
I think in the context of the Black community, I would have to agree that this is about them stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for what they have been party to. In a lot of cases in that community there is a 75% absense of fathers... that doesn't speak to a loss of rights, as it does to responsibilities never accepted.

This I think is clearly different from places where rights are curtailed, and that is the realm Biden seems to be in...

Ultimately, regardless of what you get in return, you must accept your responsibilities FIRST, then you fight so that all rights are given... siezing the moral high ground requires you be on it. YMMV, natch
There are serious problems in the black community regarding marriage and parenting. I'll put the blame equally on both genders.

The loss of rights isn't just a black problem though. Rights and responsibility go hand in hand not one before the other.
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